DD free dish channel list 2023

DD free dish channel list 2023

Today we will talk about DD Free Dish Channel List 2023, DD Free Dish is a very big company to be seen in India which provides free channels which we can watch at our home for free. There will be many paid channels added in DD free dish channel list 2023. We can watch and enjoy it for free. E-auctions are held in DD Free Dish in which new channels participate and broadcast their channels on DD Free Dish.

DD free dish channel list 2023 mpeg2 today
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Talking about DD Free Dish Channel List today, there are a lot of channels running which are around 200 in number out of which 80 channels are of radio and 200 channels are our TV channels live we can watch and enjoy.

The channel list in DD free dish is updated every month because e-auctions happen on DD free dish due to which channels participate on DD free dish, And on winning, you telecast your channel on DD Free Dish, so the channel list of DD Free Dish keeps updating.

DD free dish channel list 1 January 2023

The channel list of DD Free Dish is going to be like this on January 1, 2023, in which many new channels are going to be added and about 50 to 60 new channels will be added.

Which you will be able to watch for free, if we talk, then all the channels will be more than 250 on DD Free Dish.  Which you can watch absolutely free.

DD free dish New channel list 2023

The new channel list of DD Free Dish will be like this, in which many sports and movies as well as drama channels will also be added.

Channels like Colors Rishtey, Sony Pal, Big Magic, Star Utsav, Star Pravah, and Star Bharat will be ads where you will be able to watch free on DD Free Dish.

DD free dish New channel coming soon list 2023







Zee Anmol 



Star sports first 



Star utsav 



Colour rishtey 



Sony pal 



Colour rishtey Cineplex 



Star Bharat 



The Q 



As you know, on DD Free Dish you all get to see many channels for free, in which you get to see the channels of Movie, Drama and Music, similarly some channels are Coming Soon on DD Free Dish.

Which will be an add on DD Free Dish, in which there will be many dramas and movies as well as sports channels, whose list is as follows. The frequency of those you can add on DD Free Dish is as follows and their channel numbers are also given.

How to add channel on DD free dish
DD free dish channel list 2023

how to add channel on dd free dish

If you do not know how to add a channel on DD Free Dish, then you can add a channel in this way, you just have to follow some steps.

  • First of all you have to open the menu.

  • After opening the menu, you have to click on Add New Program.  Or you will have to click on the antenna setting in your set top box.

  • In the antenna setting, you will have the option to add TP and satellite list in which you can add TP which I have given above.

  • If you have a normal box, then by clicking on auto scan or add program, you can add the channel to DD Free Dish by adding the frequency given above and enjoy them.

In this way you can add channels in dd free dish and enjoy those channels which i have given frequency you have to add so that channel you can get and you can add those channels in dd free dish  can do

DD free dish software upgrade
DD free dish channel list 2023

dd free dish software upgrade

Upgrading DD free dish software is very easy, why is it necessary to upgrade software in DD free dish?  As we all know what upgrade means to change its level sometime, that is when the frequency changes in DD Free Dish.

So that frequency shows no signal in our box so we have to update software so that that frequency is upgraded in our box and not show no signal.

How to upgrade DD free dish software

To update software in DD Free Dish, first you have to open the menu. After opening the menu, you will have to go to System Setup, after going to System Setup, you will see some options, one of which will be Software Upgrade, on which you have to click, by clicking, you have to select Upgrade Mode P2P and keep Upgrade Type All  And update the box.

  • Open the menu and select system setup

  • After opening system setup click on software upgrade

  • Most important thing after updating click on upgrade mode and select P2P, and second think upgrade type All

  • And click the start button and wait 2 minutes and your box is upgraded 

dd free dish 61 e auction result

DD Free Dish's 61 VE Auction Result is out in which many channels participated and many channels participated to come on DD Free Dish but only some of them came on DD Free Dish out of which many  There are channels which were earlier on DD Free Dish but later those channels were removed back to DD Free Dish.

As you all know which channels were removed from DD Free Dish, some of which channels are like Star Utsav, Star Bharat, Sony Pal, Rishtey, Colors Rishtey, Sony, Star Sports First, this channel DD Free Dish  These channels, which had left out of the channel, participated back on DD Free Dish and came back winning their slots on DD Free Dish.

dd free dish set top box mpeg4

If you are thinking of getting dd free dish mpeg4 set top box then your thinking is very right because dd free dish mpeg4 set top box comes with many features in which you can take advantage of features like youtube, hotstar and iptv  Huh.

 And also you can plug usb in dd free dish mpeg4 set top box and record your plays or movies and watch them later which is the best thing about dd free dish box.

In DD Free Dish MPG4 Set Top Box, you can also do screen cast through internet so that your phone screen will play in your LED TV so that you can watch the photos and videos in your phone in your TV without any cable  By.

dd free dish set top box mpeg4 price 

The price of dd free dish mpeg4 set top box starts from ₹ 1000 and it comes to around ₹ 2000 in which you will find very good set top boxes from different companies which you can install on your led tv or normal tv  and can watch HD videos.

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