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Strawberry is a very tasty sour sweet fruit. It is cultivated for profit. Strawberry cultivation in the world is done in hydroponics poly house and in general many types of land.  There are about 500 varieties of strawberries in the world, which vary in taste. Few varieties of strawberries are grown in the world. It is the only fruit whose seeds are attached on the upper part of the fruit.

Strawberry fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, antibiotics, which are very beneficial for our health and are a good source of calcium and protein, which are very much needed in the field. Strawberry fruit enhances the brightness of the teeth.  eyesight increases.

how to grow strawberries.

My dear friends, by understanding the soil climate and temperature well for strawberry cultivation, you can take advantage of farming and earn good profits from strawberries which are as follows,

Strawberry cultivation is done in fertile soil. Strawberry is produced in abundance in sandy loam soil. The pH of soil for strawberry should be 5.4 to 6.4.  In which you can take more profit of strawberry or get more yield, strawberry is grown in cold places, strawberry cultivation can be done in plains, to get good yield of strawberry, the normal temperature should be 19 °C to 30 °C,  In which the yield of strawberries will be very good.

Strawberry varieties.

Improved varieties of strawberries are being sung in the world, which are being sung in different science ways, some of which are as follows:

Improved varieties of strawberry.

Strawberry farming at home


 Winter Star.

Winter's Star Strawberry is an improved variety that can be grown in colder areas.  For this the temperature can remain in between 15 to 20 degree Celsius.

Winter Down.

Winter Down is also an improved variety from the improved varieties of strawberry, which can be done in more or less cold areas, for this the temperature can remain in between 20 to 30 degree Celsius.

Black Peacock.

Black Peacock Stewberry This red store is not better it is a black colored strawberry which is sour sweet in taste.
Strawberry cultivation preparation and fertilizers.

Preparation and fertilizers for strawberry cultivation, the amount of nutrients in the soil for strawberry cultivation should be plowing the field, before shoaling, put 100 tons of old decomposed dung manure in the field and plow the field well.  After this, fill the field completely with water, then let it dry, when the field becomes dry, then plowing it back, leave it after shoeing, when the soil of the field becomes full, level it by leveling it with chemical fertilizers in strawberry cultivation.  

Use 60 kg phosphorus and 80 kg potash as  Then plow it on the basis of per acre and plant the crop.

Planting Seedlings Preparation of Beds.

A bed is prepared for planting strawberries in the field, for this, a 2 feet wide bed is prepared keeping a distance of 2 feet in the field.  After this, lay a pipe of drip irrigation, to plant saplings, make holes in the feet at a distance of 25 to 32 cm, after which the plants are planted, the time of transplanting is good from September to mid-October.

Strawberry Irrigation.

Irrigation in strawberry plants is done with sprinklers and lamps, so that the amount of water reaches the plants, it is necessary to irrigate from time to time to maintain moisture in the plants.  This should be done after 12 hours of planting and irrigation should be done when the fruits are produced, the best method of irrigation in strawberries is the drip system.

Strawberry Plant Diseases and Treatment.

Strawberry plants are prone to many diseases, if the prevention of these diseases is not done on time, then the prevention has a great effect on the yield.  If so, there will be a disease of flies or insects.  Which are as follows- Weevils Strawberry, Juice Beetle, Fleas Chafer

  To protect the plants from these diseases, various types of chemical chemicals have to be treated, which can also be applied to the roots of the plants and can also be sprayed.

Strawberry Fruit Picking. 

Strawberry flowers are plucked if the color of the fruits is 80 percent attractive, then pluck them, Strawberry flowers are weighed on different days, at the time of harvesting strawberry fruits, they are plucked with a stick at a distance  So that its flowers are packed in plastic boxes, after packing they are kept in cool areas.

Strawberry Production and Benefits.

Different varieties of strawberries give different types of yields.  Shiva, in general, a tree can yield so much that 850 to 920 grams of fruit is obtained.  Due to which the farmer brother gets 90 to 110 quintals of production from one acre of farmland.  The market price of strawberry is between Rs 400 to 550 per kg, due to which farmers get more profit than its one-time crop.  You can earn from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs annually.

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how to grow strawberries.
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